Yukon WCB issues

At the beginning of the 2015 business year the WCB decided arbitrarily to impose a new tax on Yukon small businesses. This tax now requires all sole proprietor and partnership businesses to have full wage coverage on their earnings, weather they want it or not. What this amounts to is an added tax up to 10% for business owners who are often the people also providing the service. This is now imposed regardless of whether or not the owner of the company retains his own private insurance. There are meany problems with this, not to mention the duplicitous and underhanded nature in which it was released.

The following is a list of issues with this but by no means a complete list of problems with the WCB itself


  •   As mentioned above an added 10% tax on Yukon small business and by association the Yukon customer.
  •   WCB imposes this tax (they call it insurance) regardless weather business owners want it or not.
  •   These kinds of slipshod policies take business away from the private sector insurance companies, who offer better policies and rates and compete on the open market.
  • WCB rates seem to be arbitrary and based on nothing other than the maximum amount of money that these unelected bureaucrats figure they can soak out of private business without offering any real kind of service.
  • As a business owner your rate is based on your gross earnings (before deductions, which can be a huge difference) but if you do have a claim you are paid out at your net earnings (earnings after deductions and taxes)
  • WCB does not compete on the open market and is a monopoly.
  • Offers lousy service, when you go in to talk to these people you have to do it through a bullet proof glass window.
  • Have a lousy and unprofessional website. (personal complaint as I consider this website to be more professional and put together considerably cheaper)

This page is dedicated to complaints about the WCB and other resources with a short term goal of seeing this arbitrary tax removed from doing business and a long term goal of seeing the workers compensation board abolished in the Yukon.

If you have any complaints or wish to support stopping this kind of arbitrary abuse of power please e-mail admin@yukonfreepress.ca or leave a comment


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