Yukon MP Larry Bagnell will continue to fight for the victims of justice

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In a statement released Dec. 13, Yukon MP Larry Bagnell, vowed to continue his fight to amend the Criminal Code and the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (Star, Dec. 16). Bagnell’s private member’s bill, C-235, was defeated in a free vote in the House of Commons.

Apparently a majority of federal MPs refuse to recognize fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD), as a real medical condition. OMG! First Nation criminals are victims, and the product of systemic abuse too, right? If FASD, isn’t an acceptable legal excuse to hand out “get out of jail free cards” to First Nation criminals, what is? According to government statistics, a vastly disproportionate number of incarcerated criminals across Canada are of First Nation decent. These stats also include an abundance of extremely violent and repeat offenders.

In a politically correct world, there must be a logical reason why decades of coddling, and rehabilitation programs, have failed to reform and re-educate Canada’s criminals into law abiding, productive citizens. Particularly, First Nation criminals.  Yukon’s NDP jumped on the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) excuse, decades ago, as cause for “unconscious-criminal” behavior among First Nation members. Canada’s courts and most politicians are now getting on board the fetal alcohol excuse (FAE), or is it the FASD band wagon? Pregnant women shouldn’t get drunk, but tragically, some do to escape the horror and oppression, of their daily existence.

The NDP and the Liberals, blamed Canada’s white society for causing and promoting First Nation alcoholism, as part of Canada’s insidious “Cultural Genocide Program”. The Liberal Party of Canada admitted the historic guilt, signed off on all Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, and handed the bill to Canada’s taxpayers. Have you ever heard of, or seen such cruelty? Only in Canada, you say? Pity.

I’m certain that Yukon MP Larry Bagnell, will continue to fight for Yukon First Nation criminals, just as hard as he fought for Yukon gun owners, against a national gun registry. Now that Premier Sandy Silver and his Liberals have taken charge of YTG, when is he going to start hiring Yukon First Nation administrators, for YTG’s top positions?  Where’s that all-inclusive Yukon government Silver promised us?   Former premier Darrell Pasloski appointed Steven Mills as deputy minister of Energy, Mines and Resources.   Surely, Mills isn’t the only highly qualified Yukon First Nation administrator.

Old prospectors know that Yukon First Nation traditional knowledge, is equivalent to a Master’s Degree, or even a doctorate from Queens University.

Anyone can graduate from Queens – with honors.


Wade Carrell – Whitehorse


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