Workers Compensation building becomes site of multiple repetitive strain injuries.

-The following is intended for entertainment only, enjoy!-

Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board announced the cancellation of the planned $10 million dollar rebate. The news came as quite a shock to the diligent Yukon employers.  When asked why the program was cancelled the Yukon WCB said they have received a rash of unexpected claims that are going to cost a bundle.The injuries where listed as repetitive strain injuries and dislocated shoulders as dozens of WCB board members and management patted them selves fiercely on the back for designing and messaging that the $10 million dollar program was a result of excellent management rather than just over charging in the first place.

The original rebate program had also raised the question,If the WCB can afford to drop 5 million on a new building and still have 10 million in change to spare, just how much money is getting soaked out of the Yukon businessman??


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