Where’s My Piece Of Patronage Pie? No Pie No Problem!

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On my first (and probably last) visit to the executive offices at the legislature, I was treated like a valued member of the Yukon Liberal Party by some of the MLAs, the premier and his deputy. Among family and friends of the just-sworn-in government of Yukon, I was pleased to be invited to the celebration. I was as proud of my warts, as every other Liberal toady, at the affair. We all thought that our individual efforts, had helped to bring the party to power.

Some of us had worked harder and longer than most of the tadpoles in the pond.  Some even expected recognition and a reward for their work and years of party support. Before I left the executive festivities, I noticed a few young tadpoles, being shown their new offices (patronage appointments), in the inner sanctum sanctorum.  Now, don’t think I’m whining, I have learned many times not to court disappointment. The surest road to disappointment in Yukon, is placing your trust in politicians, the politically connected and political parties.

I’ve had some face-time and a photo, with the premier and a few MLAs, but I haven’t received anything in the mail, not even my new Liberal Party membership card. To be fair, I haven’t got my new driver’s license from the DMV yet either. It’s been months since I renewed my license and my party membership – just saying. I was told by some Liberal Party insiders that the party would not be dishing up a lot of patronage pie, as it takes charge of YTG.

Now, I know that the former Yukon Party government appointments included healthy servings of patronage pie as had the previous NDP governments over the decades.  Having seen some pie served up already, I took the statement as a direct reference to me, or maybe those a wee bit, too-much like me.

Like: real Yukoners; you know, the kind of people who were born here. The kind of people; who moved here to work in the private sector, pay taxes, raise a family, support their community, retire and stay here, forever.

The kind of people; who never had a government job and can’t stand politically correct behavior (PC), which promotes lying, liars, and all of their lying friends.

The kind of people; who love their families, freedoms, friends, culture and community.

The kind of people; who resent perpetually expanding, imposed restrictions and rules.

The kind of people; southern and eastern administrators do not want involved in YTG.

The kind of people; who would abruptly change the way YTG treats real Yukoners.

Old prospectors know: no card, no pie, no – problem.

What, me – worry?


Wade Carrell – Whitehorse


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