When it comes to gold the saying “do you buy it” is quite literal.

When it comes to gold the saying is quite literal, do you buy it?

The big question of our day is are you a truster or aren’t you. The question was posed quite will in the the movie the matrix, do you take the red pill and want to know the truth or do you cop out and take the blue pill stay in lala land, happily ignorant (till the truth catches up with you anyway). For me, personally, the choice was one of the easiest I’ve ever made, I took the red pill and ever since have been reading, observing and analyzing the world we live in, the results are in and they are interesting and hopeful.
If you are even half awake to what is going on the world you have noticed that things are a total mess. Governments are out of control, deficit spending is the order of the day. The list of alphabet soup govt. agencies propagates by the day. People indoctrinated into the system are bribed and blackmailed through money for nothing programs and promises of large pensions upon retirement to defend this self-destructive system without question. The medical system is a farce of mismanagement and improper education, designed to keep you sick and give you crumby service while they’re at it, all at exorbitant rates! Our freedoms are constantly under attack. Remember how easy it was to cross into the U.S. 10yrs ago, as well as not get molested at the airport every time you wanted to travel by jet aircraft? What I’m getting at is if you can’t see the problems as they stand you may have bought into the system.
The hope I really see for the future is that as it stands now there are tens of millions of people in Canada and the USA who haven’t bought into the system. The only way Govt. can operate it’s welfare/warfare state is with a corrupt currency. Currency is only valuable when people have confidence in it, generally it needs to be backed by something. For years the United States currency and many others around the world were backed by gold and silver. This system worked well for people because money could not be debased with a printing press. The government, realizing that they would never be able to build their socialist “Great Society” without a complete confiscation of private wealth, tried everything they could to undermine the value of gold and silver (real money) and legitimize the printing of paper dollars (fiat currency).
These efforts by the govt. have failed. Now, more than in the past century, people are coming to recognize again the value of real money (gold and silver) and reject these fiat currency’s as hollow promises not worth the ink used to print them. The evidence for such a reawakening is astounding. Physical gold and silver bullion dealers have realized a groundswell of demand for their coins and bullion products from a generation that has already seen what the purchasing power of gold and silver can do and will do again. The economy is stagnating with the only overt driver of jobs being govt. deficit spending to build unneeded infrastructure that future generations are going to be footing the bills for. There is however a whole economy that isn’t reported on quarterly growth sheets or by govt. statistical agencies. These are local economies that are springing up through things like small scale farms, local craftsmen practicing their trade and other business ventures small enough to not be regulated and taxed to death. Many in the up and coming generation realize the dangers posed by big government and the confiscation of wealth that inevitably goes with, and many are investing their savings into gold and silver products. Bullion dealers can’t even keep inventory in stock at the current time and the reason for that appears obvious. So I come back to the title of this story no matter what – you’re buying something, whether you buy into the welfare/warfare state and buy fiat currencies, or whether like myself, you can see a future of personal liberty and sound uncorrupt money – gold, personally I buy it.

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  1. It is funny even while the East, Russia and China, are abandoning socialism and becoming more capitalist, The west is heading down the path that lead both of those countries to financial and social ruin. Free markets and free enterprise are the corner stones of a functioning society, and the move to gold and silver are a symptom of our dysfunctional political and economic system.

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