To Lead Or Not To Lead That Is The Question

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  Is it better to lead by example and deed, or to delegate authority and all the blame?

Well, if you didn’t want to lead the people forward to a brighter future, why did you want to get elected, and why work so hard to win?

Did you do it for the money? Was it for fame and glory? Did you have an idealistic personal agenda that you want to force on us all?

Every political party and candidate wants to win every election, form the government and wield authoritarian control, right?

In a politically correct and inoffensive country, the answer is: only the Conservatives.

Every candidate and party promises a myriad of improvements for us, if they win.

All parties and candidates want the adulation of the constituents and the party members.

Few actually expect to, or want to lead the people forward. That takes ambition, drive, imagination, intellect, pride, self-confidence and other proven leadership qualities.

Leadership qualities are often in short supply in the public and the private sector.

Few promises are kept and fewer still are delivered or halfheartedly attempted.

So, what kind of person will change the way YTG does things?

Type A personalities are leaders and want to take charge of everything and everyone at all times. They are authoritarian bullies by nature, it’s in their DNA.

President-elect Donald Trump is currently being accused of being authoritative in his actions by the media.

It seems, he wants to deliver on promises that got him elected. A bit prematurely maybe, but he’s trying to give Americans what they asked for.

And, the Americans sure are going to get it, no matter what.

We all get what we deserve, whether we like it or not, when we take big chances.

If Trump succeeds, he’ll be the greatest U.S. President in American history.

If Trump fails… it’ll be spectacular!

So, who is exhibiting the most ambition, confidence, drive, etc. in our Liberal Cabinet?

Check out the minister carrying the heaviest load.

Did he ask for all of that work or was he allowed to bite off more than he can chew?

Deputy premier Ranj Pillai appears ambitious and confident, but is he a real workaholic and a bully, driven to succeed?

Then there’s the Honorable Tracy Ann McPhee, minister of Education and Justice, who is already stirring things up at the Department of Justice.

If you know your right, just keep pushing your agenda forward. Win or lose, we’ll all remember your valiant efforts and your name.

Old prospectors know; no risk, no reward, anyone can fail with no effort at all.


Wade Carrell – Whitehorse


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