There’s a new circus in town

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At one time or another did you wish you could just run off, and join the circus?  Growing up, we learn life is much like a circus and we don’t bother to run off. Something different and amazing is happening in more than three rings all the time.  With death-defying acts, carnies, clowns, concessions, parades, peep-shows and side-shows, to keep us all constantly distracted or entertained, it’s hard to focus on anything.

Unfortunately, life isn’t all fun and games, even for entertainers, like me. One way or another, we all have to pay if we want to play. As Premier Sandy Silver, and his Liberals parade into the big tent, the rookie MLAs must learn to hone their acrobatic skills, avoid disasters and slips. Most will not learn to juggle, on the high wire with no safety net and most spectators secretly hope the “Great Wallendas” will fall. YTG is not as entertaining as a real circus or midway, but it is a “side-show” in Yukon.

YTG employs: some carnies, clowns and professional acts, but most are just “roadies”. Like most of us, the roadies are stuck in jobs that go with the flow, seldom get better, change, or reward them, their whole working-life long. Premier Silver, has promised to change YTG into an all-inclusive enterprise in Yukon. Something that rewards all Yukon First Nations equally, right?

Well, don’t hold your breath waiting for changes or all-inclusive to happen brothers and sisters. There are many reasons why YTG will never accept changes or be all-inclusive. Following are the top four reasons:

  • Governments do not create wealth. Exceptions: their own top administrators, favored contractors, political cronies and toadies.
  • Governments tax: private businesses and working people; annually spending all the revenues, on costly programs, projects, salaries, services and silly notions.
  • Governments expand: departmental budgets, controls, entitlements, legislation, perks, regulations, restrictions, rules, and secrecy.
  • Governments jealously guard against sharing any of these things.

Old prospectors know there’s a new circus in town. So, strike up the band and send in the clowns.


Wade Carrell – Whitehorse


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  1. Precisely why we need to consider another political option that will work to downsize Big Government. This system of ever-growing government cannot continue. But of course so many of us are threatened with the idea of taking any responsibility for ourselves and the self-entitlement of Yukoners is higher than I’ve seen in any other place in Canada. So we will keep voting for Big Government at the expense of liberty and regardless of the consequences to our future generations that will have to pay for this huge mess.

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