The Future of money?

There has been alot of talk over the last few years about new forms of money. Some think that the future of our money is in digital and ‘crypto’ currencies. Some think things will keep on going in much the same way they have been for the last 50 or 60 years. Truth is with so much financial uncertainty in the markets now and with the USA trade deficit screaming for a correction no one knows what the future holds for the way we conduct business with each other. One of the most promising technology companies working in this field today is Valaurum. Valaurum is producing a product called the Aurum, it is in essence a dollar bill with intrinsic value. Put another way it is a bill with gold impregnated into the fiber of the bill in amounts that are commercially recoverable. This gives it the intrinsic value of gold with the portability and convenience of paper currency’s.

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