Some good tips to keep your Ford 6.0 liter diesel running like a top


6.0 liter ford diesel pulls 50′ house boat

It’s no secret Yukoners love their trucks! Everywhere you go on our highways you see trucks making the world go round, pulling trailers, hauling firewood, keeping the water tank filled, or hauling your R.V. out to the campground! One of the most popular trucks on the road is the tried and tested Ford 6.0 liter diesel. These trucks got a bad reputation when they came out for a number of reasons, they were a new and untried engine for Ford, they had problems with head studs stretching, they blew head gaskets, they had EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation problems), they went through fuel injectors and people complained that they were hard to work on. While these problems do exist, in varying degrees, there is no question that this is still a great truck for work, play and having the family in. They are roomy, have plenty of towing power 325 horse power and a whopping 57oft lbs of torque right out of the box, a bullet proof 5r110w transmission, They can put on a lot of miles  (500+ kilometers is not uncommon, are better on fuel than many diesels in the same class and are inexpensive to buy used. With all this in mind here is a list of the simple things you can do to keep your 6.0 liter truck purring for years to come.

  • Do your oil changes!! This can not be over stated the ford 6.0 liter is very reliant on it’s oil, the fuel injectors are run off of engine oil pressure and the cleaner your oil the better your fuel injectors and overall engine performance will be.
  • Use Synthetic oil! This is most important in the winter. Synthetic oil is thinner handles temperature extremes better and doesn’t break down as quickly as natural oils. This again keeps your engine running tip top and keeps your fuel injectors running at maximum efficiency. I recommend the Shell Rotella 05-40 full synthetic. In the summer if you want to save a few bucks I recommend the Shell 15w-40.
  • Don’t baby it! This truck was made to work. Pulling loads and highway driving are what this truck thrives on. Stop and go city traffic can be problematic for any engine but possibly more so on a 6.0 liter. Running the engine hot and not idling it too much keeps your EGR system clean and clear and keep the engine at the operating temperature this truck wants.
  • Always, always , always use fuel conditioner/injector cleaner! I can’t stress this enough, using fuel conditioner keeps your fuel from gelling up at lower temperatures, or if there is moisture present in the fuel. You would be amazed  how often a diesel engine goes down due to this simple problem. Almost more importantly with the 6.0 liter, is that fuel conditioners have additives that clean your injectors, this simple step will save you countless headaches and thousands of dollars. There are numerous brands of conditioners all of which will work, just make sure the labels says it is an injector cleaner as well as conditioner. *Some people have reported Howe’s conditioner to still cause fuel gelling.
  • Change your fuel filters and transmission particulate filter regularly! in order to avoid down time change both your fuel filters every time you do an oil change, or at least once a year. this will keep you informed as to the condition of your fuel, just look at the filter, and protect you from having a plugged filter. There are two fuel filters on your 6.0 liter, one in one the top of the engine and one underneath the drivers door on the chassis, make sure you get them both. Also you’ll want to change the transmission particulate filter (not the main transmission filter) regularly as well, the last thing you want is a plugged up transmission filter when you are on the highway.
  • Keep your batteries in good working order! This truck is heavily reliant on it’s electrical system, keep your battery posts clean and free from corrosion, make sure all your grounds are snug and have a solid metal to metal connection and charge your batteries once a month using a wall plug in type charger. This will ensure long battery life as well as top vehicle performance.

There are plenty of other steps and upgrades you can do to ‘bullet proof’ your 6.0 liter and get a pile more power and fuel economy out of it. This list is just the simple and inexpensive steps to keep her purring like a kitten, or growling like a tiger, for years to come.


6.0 liter ford Diesel loaded for work


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