Patriots in Oregon make stand against Govt. Land Grabs

Amon Bundy


An armed Stand Off in Oregon is nearing the end of it’s second week. Although this is pretty major news nothing much has been heard about on any of the mainstream news outlets. Amon Bundy and an armed group of Patriots have taken over a wildlife refuge in Oregon in protest of  an overbearing and increasingly tyrannical federal government. The event that sparked off the armed protest was the re conviction of two ranchers for setting fires on their farmland that got out of control. The two ranchers had already served their time, when a judge deemed that they had not served enough and sent them back to jail. See coverage of the story from links below.  Some might question what does this have to do with the Yukon? The Answer   Everything!


The Battle of Hearts and Minds in Harney County Oregon

Oregon Standoff Federal Land Grab vs The Sage Brush Rebellion

Situation Press Confrence with Amon Bundy

Agenda 21 and The Oregon Standoff

Oregon Standoff, From the Oregonian

Ron Paul on Oregon standoff, Sign of Things to Come






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