Lynn Canal Fiber Optic line a Go!


Silver Arrow Begins Laying AP&T’s 86-Mile Undersea Lynn Canal Fiber between Juneau, Haines and Skagway

Expansion of Alaska Power & Telephone’s network infrastructure to improve regional data capacity and provide gateway transport services to potential Yukon carriers.


Juneau – Sept 21st, 2016 – AP&T today announced it will commence with the expansion of its network facilities in Lynn Canal aboard the Class 2 dynamic positioning vessel, HOS Silver Arrow.   The Arrow took aboard 336 tons of cable Sept 12th in the Port of Tacoma, and is set to begin deploying 86 miles of 1-inch diameter armored undersea fiber beginning Wednesday Sept 21st at Lena Point.


“The Lynn Canal Fiber (LCF) project exemplifies AP&T’s commitment to the region and highlights the vital role a robust regional data network plays.” states Michael Garrett, COO of AP&T. “As a networked society every facet of our daily lives is at some level impacted by our ability to be able to access these kinds of facilities. The additional capacity provided by the LCF project supplements AP&T’s existing Southeast Alaska Microwave Network which spans the entire length of Southeast Alaska and opens the opportunity to offer gateway transport services to data traffic coming out Whitehorse and the Yukon Territory as well as to other data and wireless service carriers and providers.”

Lynn Canal maritime traffic had been advised weeks in advance of the cable laying activity during the latter half of September, being asked to give the Silver Arrow a wide berth during the week (Sept 21st-25th) of cable-laying activity. Transit while deploying cable between Lena Point and Haines is expected to take two to three days, with an additional day to complete the final link between Haines of Skagway.


Alexander Bornemann, LCF Project Manager for Cable supplier NSW, based in Nordenham Germany and member of the General Cable Corporation affirms: “We take it as the highest compliment to our workmanship and manufacturing standards, that as a leader in the Alaska utility industry for nearly 60 years, AP&T has entrusted us with the order to provide, install and connect the new LCF submarine fiber cable for this offshore project.”

Beyond transport capabilities, completion of the Lynn Canal Fiber installation, positions AP&T with the ability to provide greater value to existing regional broadband customers and open up new possibilities for businesses and cloud computing.

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