Great Ideas to Improve your Water Quality!

Do you know what is in your drinking water?   Humans are made up of 75% water, and research shows that depending on how alkaline and alive your household water is, it can determine whether it will help you heal, or if it will actually contribute to making you sick.  I know how much water my family consumes each day and I’d like to know that it’s not only safe, but also contributing to optimal health.  So how do we make our household water safe for our families?

When we do our research on which filtration system to put into our homes, we need to be focusing on creating structured or alive water that still contains essential minerals, and is preferably slightly alkaline.

The best way to find all of this is to drink directly from a glacier mountain stream.  I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have one of these close by enough for my family!  You can certainly take a look on just in case you happen to be able to do this!  But if this isn’t an option for you then I suggest you do some reading into the World Living Water Systems that can be installed into your home.  They have both whole house options or simple kitchen or shower tap attachments.  The idea behind these vortex pipes is that they break the water back down to it’s molecular level – which creates structured or alive water.  Not only does the water absorb better into your body when you drink it, but it absorbs through your skin while you shower and bath in it as well!  Our family personally has this type installed in our home.

Another option if you’re just looking to ensure your drinking water is alkaline is to invest in a Countertop Drinking Water Filter that sits on your counter and hooks up to your tap.

As far as the ultimate drinking water in our home, we use the Berkey Big Water System  , and we have for a few years now.  It can even take 99.9999 percent of the bacteria, including e-coli out of any source of water, including lake water.  It has extra fluoride and arsenic filters that are optional which we also take advantage of.  The filters last a long time and the system comes in many different sizes depending on how much water your family goes through.  After the water passes through these filters it is safe for drinking, and still has the beneficial essential minerals that your body craves.  It doesn’t require electricity and is made of stainless steel which is an added bonus!  Here is the options laid our simply for you.

Imperial Berkey Water System – 4.5 Gallons

Royal Berkey Water System – 3.2 Gallons

Black Berkey Water System – 2.5 Gallons

Black Replacement Filters – Good for 6000 Gallons of filtration

Fluoride and Arsenic Replacement Filters

If you are on city water you are going to want to focus on filtering out the additives that they put into the water such as chlorine and fluoride.  The good thing about chlorine is that it evaporates, so once it’s been sitting on the counter for about 30 minutes it’s mostly clear of the chemical after that.  The bad news about that is that it evaporates into your air.  You have to remember that this chlorinated water is also sitting in your bath tub and toilets all day and is constantly ending up in the air.  So make sure that if your water is chlorinated that you open the windows and air out your home often.

If you are on well water then you’re going to have to have your water tested and go from there as to how you’d like to treat it.  There are a lot of great whole-house options for filtering the water and then I’d suggest adding a World Living Water System and then a Berkey Water System for extra safe drinking water!

Of all the research on holistic health that I have done over the years I would definitely put clean drinking water at the top of the list for importance.  If you’re drinking chemicals and unhealthy bacteria you’re going to be fighting a losing battle when it comes to overall health!

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