I’ll raise my Boys as Boys and my Girls as Girls Thanks.


Boys will be boys


In this brave new politically correct world we now find ourselves in where up is down and everyone will tell you that 2+2 somehow equals 5, especially government economists. The latest fad in parenting has become to raise your children without gender defined roles. The claim is that children don’t know until they are older if they with identify as a male or a female and in the interests of ‘equality??’ we should expose our kids to all activities so they can choose later what gender they want to be. I would call these arguments a kind of soph

ism but are something less plausible than that. I think to deliberately go out of your way to make your boys like putting on dresses and playing Barbie is setting not only your children but society in general up for failure. I’m not saying if my boy plays with a doll or likes pink markers I will be overly concerned, nor if my daughter has an affinity to monster trucks and enjoys helping me build fires will I be overly concerned.

As it is now my daughter seems to have a natural affinity to pony’s, the color pink and kittens, whereas my boy seems to have a natural affinity for trucks and boats and airplanes. Personally I’m fine with my boys being boys and my girls being girls thanks.




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