If Lotteries Were Superheroes

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If you think about it, lotteries are true superheroes of modern society. They have overwhelming financial powers and they promise to make everything better in the blink of an eye. Like the superhero world, the lottery market offers a wide variety of games and each of them has its very own character and its very own collection of superpowers. This is how we’ve decided to match the world’s biggest lotteries to the world’s favorite superheroes. Take a look at the list we’ve come up with!

1. US Powerball – Superman

Superman is the all-American favorite superhero, so his best correspondent in the lottery world is none other than the US Powerball. Just like Superman’s powers are superior to any other superhero’s, the jackpots offered by the US Powerball are beyond any lottery player’s dreams. Back in January 2016, it has set the record for the biggest jackpot in lottery history. The first prize was worth a whopping $1.58 billion and everybody wanted a piece of this fabulous prize. For a chance to scoop those huge jackpots for yourself, you can play Powerball online and maybe your superhero will save the day for you.

2. Mega Millions – Captain America

Steven Rogers manages to overcome his humble beginnings in an immigrant family in 1920s New York and becomes the ultimate super soldier of the US, Captain America. We chose the Mega Millions for his lottery alter ego because the game has come a long way since

its beginning in 1996. It is currently the runner-up in the largest jackpots list, with an outstanding prize worth $656 million that was won back in March 2012.

3. EuroMillions – Thor

Like Thor is the son of Odin and one of the greatest Norse gods, the EuroJackpot is the offspring of some major European lotteries. Founded back in 2012, the EuroJackpot has become more and more influent on the lottery market up to the point where it has become a lottery cornerstone. The $90 million jackpot cap in the EuroJackpot is like Thor’s Hammer because it is a wonderfully powerful tool that has changed the fate of many lottery players along the years.

4. New York Lotto – Batman

Gotham City is the comic book rendition of the Big Apple, as it was architecturally modeled to represent an exacerbated version of New York’s crime city reputation. And Batman is Gotham’s silent protector, the savior lurking in the shadows seeking nothing but the welfare of the citizens. A

s such, there is no better lottery game correspondent for Batman than the New York Lottery. Like the caped crusader is the hero of the people of Gotham, the New York Lottery is the pride and joy of NY lottery players. With a current jackpot record of $65 million, which was set back in 2007, the New York Lottery is well worth any lottery player’s attention!

5. Canada Lotto 6/49 – Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the best loved superheroes of all time because his strong character has almost no match in the fictional world. There is no better lottery correspondent for this Canadian superhero than the Canada 6/49. With seven stellar prize divisions and a CAD$1 million raffle winner for each draw, this Canadian wonder lottery is one that should definitely not be overlooked!

6. New York Cash4Life – Deadpool

Like Deadpool is not your ordinary superhero, the New York Cash4Life lottery is clearly not your ordinary lottery game. While most of the superheroes we have come to know and love are stellar members of society, Deadpool is rather far from that. But his redeeming qualities make him one of the most exciting superheroes out there. The New York Cash4Life is unlike other major lotteries because instead of offering players a bull payment for a huge jackpot, it provides a very different type of first prize – $1,000 a day, every day, for the rest of your life.

So, which is your favorite superhero lottery? Will it be Powerball with its huge jackpots, Cash4Life with its promise of unlimited wealth, or maybe the Canada 6/49 with its fabulous prizes and raffles? Whichever one you choose, remember that winning the lottery can change your life forever. Put in your ticket any maybe you will get to fly off into the sunset with your very own favorite superhero. Good luck! Communication

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