If everyone in North America stopped watching T.V. there would be a Renascence within a week.

If everyone in North America stopped watching T.V. there would be a Renascence  within a week.


The average North American is now watching 5 to 7 hours of T.V. a day. This is a huge figure. If you add that up, people are losing a day and a half of their lives to T.V per week. Has our society degenerated so far and people feel so hopeless that they are willing to sacrifice nearly 25% of their time to escaping reality? In my opinion, for many people, yes it has. The problem and thus the negative feedback loop, is that this escape from reality is much the cause of this feeling of hopelessness. As people sit and waste their time in front of a screen, decisions are made to strip the last remaining vestiges of freedom from our society. People who would otherwise look around and notice the cold hard truth, and act to divert the numerous disasters we are walking into as a civilization, Instead are dumbed down and sedated, worried about what is happening in the lives of those in their favorite T.V. show, Sports hero, Propaganda news program etc. etc.

The truth is if people started kicking the television habit like a bad drug habit, of which it exhibit’s many of the same symptoms, for example Withdrawal, dependence, family problems reduction of your level of intelligence and ruination of your ability to concentrate. We could then take a look around and notice some of the following many problems in our society.

  1. The fact that Public Education is an indoctrination process designed to limit a child’s creativity and get them ready for a lifetime as a virtual robot. To not to question anything beyond the narrow confines of what the curriculum teaches. Children are born to explore and learn instinctually, and our public school system squashes that natural drive and forces them to sit long hours, learning information that they aren’t interested in and that they probably won’t remember after they’ve been tested on it. All children are expected to learn the same way and at the same pace, and if they can’t sit still and behave, then drugging them is the new way. We should stop trying to fight against nature and instead work with alongside it instead.
  2. A medical system designed to keep us sick.

The healthcare in this country, or should we call it ‘sickcare’, is a major money-driven industry that thrives on people being chronically ill. The more healthy people are, the less profit. It’s that simple. The side effects on drugs and lack of curing diseases are what keep you a repeat customer for the medical industry and unless individuals start to realize this, it always will be the case. It’s difficult to accept that the health of you and your family is less of a priority to the pharmaceutical companies than profit, but it is the sad truth. You will never see a cure for a disease come out that is natural due to the fact that natural plants and food cannot be patented and therefore cannot make money. The face that alternative medicine, healthy eating

Also lumped into this category is the mass of evidence that point to Vaccine’s causing serious health conditions and being a likely contributor of the epidemic of cancers, autism, down syndrome and altzhimers. The media and especially T>V push the vaccine agenda nonstop. It is insane that we are trying to vaccinate for the measles (a nonfatal common flu) while giving our younger generation eating, vegetarianism are all portrayed as ‘out there’ tin foil hat ideas. When in most cases these are the cures that people need along with getting a little bit of exercise.

  1. A prison system that can’t even keep drugs out of the jails!! The fact is the prisons in North America today are nothing but crime collages. What kind of post secondary education do you have? Oh I did my bachelor of crime at WCC and then got my Masters down in Surry Remand. This is the kind of thing you hear from your younger generation who are put through the system along with the fact that drugs are nearly more available on the inside of the prison bars as the outside. PROHIBITION HAS FAILED, and always will why can’t we get it through our heads that more laws are almost never the solution to our problems! Another sad fact is that in our Whitehorse jail prisoners have flat screen T.V’s in their cells 77 channels and can watch all day long if they want, which many do. If you can think of better example of brain washing drugs + 24 hour a day T.V. and a lockdown environment, tell me about it because it definitely fits the bill.
  2. The fact that “Anthropogenic (human caused) climate change” is nothing but a plot to force one world govt. upon us. Don’t get me wrong I think pollution is an issue and I would much rather live on a planet where we use solar energy a whole lot more than we do currently. But fact is as much as the main stream media pushes the ‘climate change’ agenda as gospel, the climate has been heating up and cooling down for as long as the earth has had a history. For example we were in a little ice age only 400 years ago, preceded by the medieval warm period around 1000 years ago. During the medieval warm period temperatures were warmer than they are today and where did the Co2 come from then? Another problem with the global warming theory as it stands is that levels of Co2 have been much higher in the past than the present levels. How then is it possible our climate models are correct? The fact is that the real drive behind the so called ‘climate change’ propaganda is far more political than it is actually scientific. The words coercion, lies, deceit, theft and many more come to mind when you really get down to the meat and potatoes of this issue.
  3. The perpetual cycle of debt slavery most people in North America are subject to. Low interest and subprime loans have lured ever increasing numbers of people into a lifetime of debt. House prices are constantly going up and the debt load is increasingly difficult for the average family to keep up with. At this point the banks, on paper, own most of the property on the content and the average person is a renter of the property at best. Realistically though the average person is shackled to a life of indentured servitude. Though at this point it looks like a large stock market collapse may cause house prices to plunge and another ’08 style home mortgage default crisis. Either way things don’t look pretty for those carrying a heavy debt load. The best advice… don’t take on debt if you can avoid it, pay off debt quickly and be a saver.
  4. Our money is worthless paper at best!! (Great link) The money we use today is very different than it was say 100 or even 40 years ago. Up till 40 years ago the Currency we have been using was backed up by gold even 40 years ago the amount of gold to currency in existence was very fractional. In other words for every dollar in existence there might have been 1/100th of that in gold on reserve. 100 years ago for every paper dollar there was 1 dollar worth of gold or silver backing it up. Now there is nothing but people’s faith in the idea that this money will buy something tomorrow that backs it up. This has led to an increasingly unstable monetary system as there is no real value to the paper money and increasingly digital money expect more major financial collapses such as the one in 08.


These are just the tip of the iceberg when looking at the problems faced by humanity today. All of these problems have solutions and really none of them are overly complicated. But like any addiction the first step is admitting there is a problem, also like anything in life moderation is always a good policy. Do you really want to spend a full ¼ of your life staring at a flickering box accomplishing nothing? Or would you rather spend your time doing activities you enjoy with those that you love. Or spend your time doing the research to see what the real problems are, coming to grips and coming up with creative imaginative solutions.

I am not saying all the problems in society can be solved over night and in all probability there is always going to be problems to solve. But escaping our problems into a virtual world is increasingly only making our problems in the real world worse.

By Yk Freedom Junkie


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