Good Ideas to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

Good ideas to get out of debt and stay out of debt

In our day and age there is a lot of hidden volatility in the marketplace. There are big plays going on now that are going to affect our future. Getting out of any kind of debt and reliance in general on the banking/govt. system is prudent and will soon be a necessary move.
When you are in debt to the banking system you are way less free to think, act and have control over your own destiny. If you have payments to make at the end of the month to the point where your home and lively hood are put into jeopardy you are far less likely to begin questioning the system, when questioning is exactly what the system needs. The other problem is nowadays is not only are most people in debt and tend to think this is a normal state of affairs, but your government refuses to balance their books and is going to expect the tax-payer more and more to foot the bill for their largess. The first problem getting yourself out of debt you have direct control over. The second part though needs to be worked at as a community, territory and country respectively.
Good Reasons to stay out of debt.
There are a lot of purchases we make everyday for the wrong reasons. Watching advertising, convenience, force of habit and impulse buys, these are some of them. There are however alot of small things that you can do to add up to big dollars over the year. Changing even just some of these smaller things can really help manage your debt, there are of course some big ticket items to cut down on as well. Lets take a look at different ways to reduce your expenditures without compromising, or in most cases improving your quality of life.
1. Quite eating out at restaurants! If there is one major lifestyle change short of kicking the smokes that will help you lead a healthier life and put your pocket book in the green, this is it. Eating out at restaurants is expensive, a meal even at a fast food joint such as MacDonalds can run upwards of $20 doing this even 3 or 4 time a week can quickly add up to a weeks worth of groceries bought at the store! Eating at home is generally healthier as well, ingredients that you buy from the store if you are a little bit picky can be very healthy and rewarding compared to pre-made meals out of a package as is the case with most restaurants.
2. Streamline your bills! Spending a couple of days going over your bills such as your cell phone, home phone/internet, electricity, bank  cards and credit cards can literally save you hundreds of dollars a month. Do you and your partner have 2 cell phones? Could you do with one? Another thing that works is to call and harass the companies. Ask questions like is there a better plan I can get for this? Get irate tell them your going to cancel your phone. With a bit of spunk you can knock $50-$60 a month off your cell bill and internet bill. Same deal with your bank. Check out info on different accounts, it is available online, make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Also if possible get rid of your credit cards! On last and important thing, when on the phone with these people don’t let them talk you into anything, say I’ll think about it and call you back if they try to sell you on anything you didn’t specifically call to talk to them about. You are the boss!
3. Ditch the electronics you don’t need! Do you really need that microwave, hot tub, T.V. (see my earlier post on this) etc. Downsizing in our electronic world can save you big bucks. The less stuff you need to buy/maintain/replace equals more dollars in your pocket per month.
4. Try and find recreational opportunities close to home! I am not saying by any means become a home body and limit the scope of your travels, what I am saying is there are many adventures close to home perhaps a bike-ride or walk away. Exploring your own neighborhood can be extremely rewarding and at the same time extremely inexpensive. Take your significant other and go for a walk or have a pick nick close to home.
5. Grow a garden raise your own food! Growing a garden or raising chickens for eggs etc. can be a very rewarding experience. This dovetails in with idea #4 and is probably the #1 idea on the road to food independence. When you can go out to the garden to pick a salad for diner or go to the chicken coop and grab some eggs your not spending money on gas to go to the store and possibly make unnecessary impulse buys while your there. If your not into growing your own food perhaps there is a small farmer in your area who would love to have your business. Take a walk around and check it out.
Get informed! Do the reading, check out how our financial system actually works. Getting out of debt can be a very rewarding and empowering experience. At the same time it can sure help solve alot of the problems we see in the world today. If you donate money to causes make sure you know where you money is going, many ‘goodwill’ causes on the surface sound good but when looked into even a little bit deeper are nothing more than fronts that soak in lots of money and do little in the way of help those in need. Make sure your dollars are going their farthest. Remember a dollar saved and put against unnecessary debt today can add up to a dollar fifty you don’t have to pay tomorrow.
The above list is by no means a complete list and will I try to add more to it as time goes on. Keep it real out there and if we keep working on the solutions instead of the problems, soon enough we’ll be living in a better world.


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