Democracy is Dead, What Friedrich Nietzsche Would Have To Say About Our System Of Government

100 years ago Nietzsche proclaimed “god is dead” and by doing so angered alot of people. While it is now the 21st century and I am going to proclaim that our current god (democracy) is dead.  Nietzsche realized that god was dead in his day because he recognized the corrupt nature of what much of the church had become and how massive change in the fabric of society, the age of enlightenment, made it plain for all to see . Of course in took another 70 years for the power structures of the Christian church to really erode to the point where almost anyone could say Nietzsche had in many ways been proven right. Well the same trend is now becoming recognizable in politics. Massive change in our lifetime, the dawning of the information age, has made the obvious and fatal flaws of centralized government plain for all to see. Young people especially notice the corrupt and vile nature of politics and instinctively feel that nothing ever changes no matter who you vote for, as well as the fact that no matter who is in office we have steady degradation of our society. This is the real reason for voter turnout among the younger generations to be so much lower than older generations. The youth of today once again rightly realize that god (democracy) has died, it has ceased to become a useful mechanism of society and as the effects of this system become more intolerable the more it’s power will be eroded. It has ceased, if in fact it ever has been, to be an engine of progress.

At this point progress will also need to be defined, because there can be many definitions of progress. I will in this case define progress as the steady advancement of personal liberty, independence, and ability for everyone to live life in the way they choose, support the causes choose to, and enjoy the fruits of their labor without any coercive interference.

Democracy, and indeed government in general has failed at this definition of progress on all fronts. With our democracy as it now stands people are constantly disenfranchised by governments creating monopolies in sector after sector. This takes away peoples right to choose how they wish to deploy their resources and forces them to except what someone else dictates they must. This means that in essence even democracy is a dictatorship. If their was no government and people were free to make their own choices via another mechanism such as the free market, then there would be no need to have people sitting in a room with a bunch of silly rules and rituals telling us what we can and can’t do. The market would decide what was required, by rewarding those who were supplying the market with what it required. for example, if there was a large need of society to protect green and wild spaces organizations would spring up in which you could buy shares of a project, who’s sole purpose would be to buy up and keep large swaths of land in a natural condition. Not only would this land then be preserved but people who would like to see it preserved would have a personal stake in it, they would be part owners of it. Not only that, but with no government there would be no property tax on owning the land, this would mean not only did people who’s interest in preserving the land acquire the land, but they could also hold it basically forever, without fear of it being confiscated for a lack of paying property tax on it. I know this is a simplified argument, but a more in depth look at this question can be found in a book called ‘The Market for Liberty’ by Linda and Morris Tannehill. The book is available for free as an audio book here at and is well worth the listen.

The truth is, like I said above god (democracy) is dead. Young people can feel it instinctively, even if they can’t describe exactly what they feel they know something is completely wrong with the system. Just like in Nietzsche’s day change is coming. It will be slow and steady and even though our system of democracy may look strong now, the seeds of it destruction have been sown. As the veil lifts as to exactly what democracy is and the disastrous effects it has on society, it will become plain for all to see, people will realize it is time to start making decisions for ourselves and not shirk the responsibility for what happens in our world and leave decisions up to a few fallible humans to whom we have been wrongly convinced to give the ability to decide for us.

Article By YFP Editor Micah Hoeschele


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