Choosing To Have No Limit

Often people will say that ‘The Sky is the Limit’ often times as words of encouragement. This has actually turned out to be a false statement and as well-meaning and good as it sounds, it is actually also a very limiting statement. Words are ultimately very important to a language. They describe how we feel, what we want and how we relate to each other. Without the proper word assembled in the proper way it is exceedingly hard to impart the information that one is trying to get across. This is why we constantly need to analyze the meaning of words and phrases to decipher their true meanings. The term ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ is the perfect example of this. The meaning usually trying to be conveyed is that anything is possible, the only problem is that subconsciously it is a very limiting statement for humanity. If we think as the sky of our limit it means we must turn inward and ignore the vast vistas of other worlds, even ones in our solar system. Once we do this we doom ourselves to a race with no new frontiers to explore and begin fighting over the turf and resources. This, in turn, leads to a demoralized species, that has not reached out and grasped their birthright. I have a different belief about limits, ‘ You are limited only by your ability to imagine and your will to succeed’. Changing this simple outlook changes the very nature of life. All of a sudden instead of being limited by outdated and arbitrary laws and rules, humanity becomes free to explore the solar system, the galaxy, eventually the universe. Humanity becomes a species with a goal again, a species with a purpose, a species with a new frontier to explore. Will it solve all of humanity’s problems, obviously not, but there is nothing that kills quicker or more totally than a loss of purpose.

By YFP Editor:   Micah Hoeschele


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