Big Trouble in Little Landfills.

Yukon’s community landfills have been a flash point for problems in the last couple of years. From disputes with local residents about hours of operation, to problems with outside trash being trucked in due to the high costs at the Whitehorse Landfill. This is a problem that, if not dealt with in a manner that takes common sense and locals wishes into account, is going to come to a head in a way no-one is going to like.

At Marsh lake local residents have complained that dump hours were inadequate and that with the amount of employees who work at the dump there is no reason the dump couldn’t be open 6 days a week. Other complaints have been the lack of locals to acquire keys to the dump for after hours use or for local contractors use. As well as the fact that there is no dumpster to drop off garbage when the dump is closed and the seeming arbitrary and regular nature of dump closures.

The other issue at the Marsh Lake dump is of course the heavy volume of garbage handles because of the dumps close proximity to Whitehorse. This has been a problem that has been building for years. Because of high fees at the Whitehorse landfill, especially commercial fees, it has driven many who would have used the Whitehorse landfill further afield. This part of the problem it seems needs to be handled on the Whitehorse end rather than the Marsh Lake end. Possible solutions to this problem would be to offer a far lower rate at the Whitehorse landfill for Whitehorse citizens who have arguably already paid their tipping fees in ever increasing taxes, as well as offering full time disposal of hazardous waste. Other improvements that could be made to the Whitehorse landfill would be to have a presentable free store and possibly a bottle depot.

The take away message in this article is that there are problems and there are also solutions, if we don’t address these problems and go about solving them in reasonable ways and treating both end users and operators of these community facilities as grown up people we will inevitably end up with greater problems because no one wants the problems from our dump spilling over to our highway pullouts and turning unnecessary situations like this.


Into unfortunate situations like this…


Garbage Strewn around overflowing garbage cans at McClintock boat launch.



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