Baseball and Yukon politics – three strikes and you’re out

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Strike 1: He swings and he misses.

Energy, Mines and Resources (EMR) minister Ranj Pillai, rejected his first mining proposal in Dawson City last Wednesday (Star, Dec. 15). The rookie minister was thrown a looping curve ball by his staff at EMR on his first appearance at the game.   Pillai swung for the fence on the first pitch and missed by a mile. And, that’s strike one against Premier Sandy Silver’s Liberal team, “The Hot Shots”. They’re just starting their first inning of Yukon’s political ballgame. Minister Pillai is the top of the Liberal batting order, already forgetting to keep his eye on the ball at EMR, and Pillai is quickly falling behind in the count. Did Chief of Staff David Morrison, “coach” the rookie minister to swing away? Is it time for a coaching change, or should the manager bring in a designated hitter?

Baseball and politics are team sports, the time for individual effort is when the player steps up to the plate. If the batter strikes out the rest of the team suffers too.  Territorial politics are: “B Division” mixed league slow-pitch at best. “A Division”, is only played at the national level. Everywhere else it’s just “beer ball”.  I just love sport analogies, don’t you?

I have repeatedly warned the Liberals to beware their YTG bureaucrats, the lobbies, the advisory boards and the so-called stakeholders. I advised the premier and the deputy premier (the day they were sworn-in), to take charge of their enemies. I advised them to prove to the mining industry that Yukon is a friendly jurisdiction. Further, I advised them to prove it before the Cordilleran Roundup to be held in Vancouver this coming January.

Or risk losing your party’s credibility!

I gave the same advice to former premier Darrell Pasloski, as he sauntered into the Executive Office, and he ignored me. So, where’s “The Paz” now boys and girls?  Nobody cares where a one-term wonder goes, and that’s a cold hard fact in politics.   Mr. Premier: don’t strike out, there are no home runs in this game. Mr. Minister: get your head in the game, or sit on the bench, your’ hurting the team!

Old prospectors know if it can’t be mined it has to be grown, and marijuana grow ops are still illegal in Yukon.


Wade Carrell – Whitehorse


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